Resources complete ICT package for community radio stations

We would like to share the fruits of our work with you. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us. The ICT infrastructure of a community radiostation has to be solid and simple. That's why we constructed a setup with network, radio automation software and shared server space. Just follow the steps in the Community Radio Guide. You can download all the CD's (Ubuntu 7.10 Server, Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop and the Extra Radio Software Installation CD directly from this website, just click the links below! If you download the 4 items you're ready to install your radiostation!

Download the Community Radio Guide
Download the Community Radio Guide in Amharic
Download the Community Radio Software CD with library
Download Ubuntu 7.10 Deskop
Download Ubuntu 7.10 Server

If you have any questions regarding the computer setup, please email us. Unfortunately, we haven't made an upgrade since 7.10. We cannot garantree anything, but everything probably also functions under 9.04, but you'll need to download the packages from the internet and NOT from the Extra Radio Software Installation CD. If you want to install your setup with a Ubuntu version newer then 7.10, drop us an email. Maybe we can help.